Joining KAC

KAC offers a 2 week free trial for swimmers to get a chance to know the team and coaches and their coaching styles. (This trial period must be taken in two consecutive weeks, and not spread out over several months.) Of course, we’re convinced that after that initial two weeks, you’ll be looking forward to becoming part of the team!

Team Handbook for 2005 (PDF format).

Registration For 2006 Now Available

Carlos Lopez, our Registrar, will be at the pool to take registrations for US Swimming for the next calendar year.  He will notify us of the dates that he will be available.

Please take this opportunity to review your swimmers’ emergency contact information as well.  It is important that this be kept up to date.  Also consider providing written instructions for any Club members with medical conditions (i.e. asthma) that can be filed at the pool and followed in case of emergency by KAC or lifeguard staff.

Of special note:

  • All swimmers must have current registration.  If you bring a friend to “try out the team,” he or she must fill out registration papers before swimming.
  • Everyone’s continued cooperation in regard to following these rules is appreciated- and will help make KAC a safer place to swim.

Swimming Group Levels

The Silver group of young starters have their own coach, pool area and practice times. Beginning swimmers are given personalized attention and have lots of fun, too!

The Red, and Blue groups are more advanced swimmers. Placement is determined by the coaches to insure a challenging, but appropriate, workout for each athlete. Practice lengths range from 45 minutes for the younger swimmers to 90 minutes for the most advanced. Coach Hess and Assistant Coach Jeff work with all of these groups regularly. KAC also has an active Masters swim program.

Red – The Red group is typically the 16 and under kids who are not quite as advanced as the Blue group. These swimmers are coached primarily by Coach Jeff and may have already reached some of the state qualifying times. Reds are encouraged to attend practices 3-4 times a week.

Blue – The Blue group, coached primarily by Head Coach Hess, is our most advanced group of swimmer athletes who have made a strong commitment to the sport and are seeking to improve. Most have made state qualifying times and many are even state champions. These swimmers are encouraged to practice 6 times a week. For those Blue swimmers who are in high school swimming, KAC supports of the goals of these athletes in their endeavors to excel on their high school team.

Masters – Please see our Masters page.

Practice Times

In general, practice times start at 6:30 p.m. daily Monday – Friday, with additional sessions on the weekends. However, for a more accurate schedule, please view our Practice page for the current practice calendars.

Club Fees

The fee schedule is based upon the three swimming groups noted above and is determined by the coaching staff based on swimmers ability. League registration costs also apply (see below).

Silver Starter Group


per month per swimmer
Red Group


per month per swimmer
Blue Group


per month per swimmer
Masters See the Master’s page for details

*A 10% discount is given for families with more than one swimmer
** A 35% discount is given for families of military personnel with the rank of E-5 or below.

League Registration & Other Costs

  • USA Swimming (annual) – 2005: $41*
  • NMS Swimming (annual) – 2005: $10
    • Total League Registration for 2005 = $51.00*

    * Increases by $1 in 2006

  • Meet entry charges
  • Team suits other personal item purchased through the team

Directions to the KAFB Pool

  • From I-25 take the Gibson Blvd.
  • Exit east to the Gibson gate (at the intersection of Louisiana Blvd.)
  • After being cleared through the gate proceed east on Gibson Blvd. to Pennsylvania one block to F Street
  • The pool is on the left (east) side of Pennsylvania at F Street


  • From I-40 take the Wyoming exit south to the Wyoming gate (south of Central Ave)
  • After being cleared through the gate proceed south on Wyoming to Gibson Blvd.
  • Turn right (West) on Gibson Blvd.
  • Proceed to Pennsylvania Blvd. (McDonalds)
  • Turn left (south) on Pennsylvania one block to F Street
  • The pool is on the left (east) side of Pennsylvania at F Street

Kirtland Air Force Base Rules and Entry Procedures

We are privileged to use Kirtland Air Force Base’s Olympic pool. Because this pool is located on the Air Force Base, it is important to abide by the Air Force rules and to follow any instructions given by Base personnel. Security procedures on Kirtland Air Force Base are strictly enforced. Please obey all the signs and be sure all passengers in you care are wearing seat belts!

In order to enter the base, drivers must stop at the Visitor Control Center, located at each gate, and present the following documents:

  • Current Drivers License
  • Current Vehicle Registration
  • Current Proof of Insurance

The Seven Laws of Swimming

  1. The Mind Leads the Body
  2. Seek the Path of Least Resistance
  3. Find the Path of Most Resistance
  4. To Become Effortless Requires Great Effort
  5. Extend
  6. Swim with an Empty Hand
  7. Never Give Up!