Kirtland Aquatic Club

 Kirtland Aquatic Club Inc. (KAC) is a USA Swimming team for all swimming levels, beginners to Olympic hopefuls. We strive to provide an environment for all swimmers to develop athletically and personally, with the primary objective being to develop our swimmers to become the most competitive USA Swimming and high school swimmers in the State.

As a year round program we participate in both a Short Course (SC) season and a Long Course (LC) season. The Short Course season runs from September to the middle of March. The Long Course season runs from May through the middle of July. Both seasons culminate with State Championship meets bringing together the best swimmers in the State of New Mexico.

KAC swims in the Kirtland Air Force Base 50 meter 8-lane indoor Olympic pool.KAC has the privilege of swimming in the Kirtland Air Force Base (KAFB) 50 meter, 8-lane, indoor Olympic pool in Albuquerque, New Mexico. See our Joining KAC page for more details.

Kirtland Aquatic Club, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. KAC is a parent-run organization by an elected board of directors, which employs outstanding coaches to teach, train, and encourage our swimmers at all competition levels.

KAC philosophy is to nurture the whole athlete at every age.
To realize that each athlete is different, and thus to allow each to develop as far as his/her dreams, talents, and dedication will take him or her – as an individual, a student, a citizen, and an athlete. To develop and promote the sport of competitive swimming in an atmosphere of team spirit and support.

We have great coaches, superb athletes, friendly parents,
and we’d love for your family to join ours!

Keep Swimming..


Hello, My name is Melissa Kamai-Arambula. I have been an instructor for Aquatics since 1990.

I grew up on the island of Oahu in the state of Hawaii. My immediate family is still on Oahu. I have taught for the YMCA in Hawaii and California and moved to Michigan almost 22 years ago. I have taught for the Montecito and Santa Barbara, California’s YMCA facilities. In 1992 I moved to Lansing and worked for the  YWCA downtown off of Townsend and The YMCA in downtown Lansing off Lenawee.

The Michigan Athletic Club (10 years), I worked at the Gannon Pool (also dealt with different types  of pools including the water pools that are hidden from the ground) on the Main Campus of Lansing Community College for 8 years.Aquatic Classes are now held at East Lansing Hannah Community Center Spring 2014 classes are right around the corner and are held in East Lansing, MI for the LCC Aquatic classes.  late enrollment is available along with COMMUNITY Participation!

I have been a part of the Physical Fitness and Wellness Department at Lansing Community College for 10 years.  I am honored to be a part of Region 8 MEA-NEA- Higher Learning Committee. I am honored to be a member of the Pacific Islander Caucus, Democratic Caucus, Higher Education Caucus.  LCC will vote for new members for the MEA-NEA- Region 8 next week.  I have been elected to the Democratic Party.

I am working with Holt Public Schools and with The Holt Junior Rams Organization.  I just became and ordained minister and look forward to helping in any way I can.   I am honored to be chosen as a Academic Senator for PFW at Lansing Community College.

I am honored to be the Chair of the Elections’ Committee for the Academic Senate and it is my privilege to represent at all meetings and commitments.  I am a PESG substitute for Ingham and Eaton counties in Michigan and teach pre-kindergarten to senior high in all subject areas and disciplines.

I am pleased to be a part of Science Mathematics Education Exploration (SMEE) at Lansing Community College, usually in the Heart of things but this year Material Science!  I am also the Science Olympiad 2012-2013 proctor and creator of Material Science section in regionals for LCC designated high schools and for Alma College designated high schools and State Finals for Science Olympiad at Michigan State University.

I am a huge fan of football in all levels.  I have taught almost every sport there could be for Delhi Park and Recreation, City of Lansing Leagues and at school functions as needed.I am committed to education excellence and devoted to the children of the present and future!!It is my honor and privilege to be instructing you and or your child in the areas of recreation and academia. Please feel free to send me a note or comment in the box above. I look forward to working with you towards your goals.


Melissa Kamai-Arambula (A.K.A. Coach M or Mrs. A) and Bryan M From Pool